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10 Very Simple Food Rules to Start Eating More Healthfully Today


My previous post was a bit of a rant.  Excuse me for that.  It’s just that I get so worked up over people polluting their bodies with mass-marketing garbage.  This post is a lot more positive, I promise. Since reading A Complaint Free World, I strive never to express dissatisfaction in something or someone without […]

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The 70-Ingredient Sandwich That Will Kill You (Eventually)


I don’t watch much television, so I wasn’t aware of this until yesterday, but apparently McDonald’s has just re-released the McRib for a limited time, at least here in the US.  People with no self-control everywhere are running to their nearest Micky Dees or Maccers to get their fix.  What exactly are they getting, you […]

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The Perfect Morning Shake


I've recently reunited with my Magic Bullet blender and have been enjoying some incredibly simple and delicious shakes lately.  After whipping up my breakfast this morning (in about 4 seconds), I figured I'd share with you this simple version of the day's best meal. Short background...My wife and I tried a detox diet about a […]

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Do You Have Hunger? The Answer to This Question Will Save Your Life.


A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to catch author Michael Pollan on his New Jersey stop of his current speaking tour.  Most people haven’t heard of Pollan, but he’s an incredibly popular and successful author, professor, and food activist.  In addition to writing for popular newspapers and magazines, giving inspiring TED talks, […]

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Vegetables in Vending Machines? Seriously?


I read a disturbing article in the New York Times a couple weeks ago.  The article is titled, “Told to Eat Its Vegetables, America Orders Fries” and focuses on the problem of our reluctance to embrace vegetables as a staple in our diets.  Reading the title made me think back to my lunch a couple […]

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The KFC Double Down: A Gamble With Your Life


This artery-clogging behemoth of a “sandwich” has been out for about a year, but since I don’t watch much television and certainly don’t eat fast food, I just found out about it today during a commercial while watching the Giants game yesterday. What the heck is it?  It’s two pieces of fried chicken with two […]

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Don't Be Fooled: Gatorade is Garbage


So what’s the real truth about Gatorade?  It’s all over the place.  We’re supposed to drink it during our workouts, our runs, and even for hangovers.  The world’s top athletes are endorsing it and even Tiger Woods has his very own line of Gatorade (okay, that doesn't mean much anymore).  It’s an amazing concoction of […]

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The Best Darn Salad Ever

Friday Salad

Have you ever made or ordered a plate of food that looked so good, you just had to take a picture of it?  I know, it sounds a little weird, but I know other people who’ve done it, so it’s not just me. Anyway, it happened to me this morning after I made what I […]

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Trade in Your Diets for Healthy Habits

Photo Credit:  New York Times

We're in the middle of a hot summer. We've all got a lot going on - barbecues, summer vacations, camps, concerts, and so on. When we're busy, it becomes difficult to stick to healthy eating habits and it becomes all too easy to make excuses or rationalizations. Dieting sucks during the summer. There's so much […]

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Will The New Health Bill Create a Leaner America?


Big Mac =    590 calories.   Chicken Sandwich from Panera =   470 calories.  Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks =   660 calories. Did you know any of this?  You will now that Pres Obama has signed a new health bill that requires food chains to post calorie information in their stores and on their menus.   […]

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