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(Michelle) Obama for President!


Michelle Obama inspires me.  She inspires many people.  She aims to inspire an entire generation. Her goal is audacious.  She aims to eliminate childhood obesity in a generation.  That is certainly a tall order and I believe she has the passion and the influence to do it.  She is using her celebrity to change the […]

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10 Very Simple Food Rules to Start Eating More Healthfully Today


My previous post was a bit of a rant.  Excuse me for that.  It’s just that I get so worked up over people polluting their bodies with mass-marketing garbage.  This post is a lot more positive, I promise. Since reading A Complaint Free World, I strive never to express dissatisfaction in something or someone without […]

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Ya Know? No, I don’t.


I have recently gotten into listening to podcasts on my commute to the office every day.  I have always been a fan of digital books and they have been great for my education on wheels, as I like to call it.  However, I have been addicted to several podcasts over the past month or so.  […]

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Do You Have Hunger? The Answer to This Question Will Save Your Life.


A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to catch author Michael Pollan on his New Jersey stop of his current speaking tour.  Most people haven’t heard of Pollan, but he’s an incredibly popular and successful author, professor, and food activist.  In addition to writing for popular newspapers and magazines, giving inspiring TED talks, […]

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Stay Fit and Healthy When You Travel

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance One of my clients travels the country nearly every week for business and she has a tough time staying disciplined with healthy eating and consistent exercise while on the road.  Many of us are in the same situation.  It's difficult when we're out of our element, our home turf.  But […]

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Begin Your Healthy Habits Today – Your Life Depends On It


"If you don't know where you're going, you might not get there."  - Yogi Berra This is my first follow-up to my previous post about ditching your diets for healthy habits.  In everything I do, I’m a big believer in doing your homework, educating yourself, and making informed decisions.  When it comes to our bodies, […]

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Trade in Your Diets for Healthy Habits

Photo Credit:  New York Times

We're in the middle of a hot summer. We've all got a lot going on - barbecues, summer vacations, camps, concerts, and so on. When we're busy, it becomes difficult to stick to healthy eating habits and it becomes all too easy to make excuses or rationalizations. Dieting sucks during the summer. There's so much […]

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