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A Few Words on Happiness


For the past two weeks, my wife and I were bouncing around Argentina like we owned the place.  We ate at the finest parillas.  We overindulged in superb Malbecs.  We sat at outdoor corner cafes and sipped cortados with Portenos.  We partied at tango clubs until the wee hours.  We rode horses though the Andes […]

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Stay Fit and Healthy When You Travel

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance One of my clients travels the country nearly every week for business and she has a tough time staying disciplined with healthy eating and consistent exercise while on the road.  Many of us are in the same situation.  It's difficult when we're out of our element, our home turf.  But […]

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Free Lounge Access and a Bonus Super-Secret


Greetings, everyone!  Like many people this week, I’m in the airport awaiting my flight.  Today, I turned a potential long night into quite a pleasant experience at EWR.  Let me explain… My fiancé and I had a 6:30 PM flight from Newark, NJ to Ft. Myers, FL to visit family.  The extremely high winds in […]

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