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What it takes to Run a 26.2 Mile Training Run…By Yourself


As some of you know, I'm in the thick of training for my marathon debut at the Philadelphia Marathon on November 21.  But being the competitive athlete that I am, I'm not training just to finish.  I'm training to finish in under 3 hours.  I'll be the first to admit, it's quite an aggressive goal […]

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Don't Be Fooled: Gatorade is Garbage


So what’s the real truth about Gatorade?  It’s all over the place.  We’re supposed to drink it during our workouts, our runs, and even for hangovers.  The world’s top athletes are endorsing it and even Tiger Woods has his very own line of Gatorade (okay, that doesn't mean much anymore).  It’s an amazing concoction of […]

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Don't Be an Obesity Statistic – Change Your Life Now


Alyssa sent me this Wall Street Journal article this morning, which lays out some eye-popping stats on obesity rates in America.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the obesity problem among Americans has become one of the worst problems we face today. Quite simply, Americans are way too fat, way too […]

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Why is Obesity Acceptable?

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We are all aware of the obesity problem in America.  It’s undeniable.  We witness it in every day life, in person and in the media.  Once in a while, however, we travel to a place, such as Wal-Mart or Huntington, West Virginia, where the obesity problem is so in our faces that we can’t ignore […]

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Treat Yourself Like a Prized Racehorse

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If you bought a $1,000,000  race horse, would you feed it soda and chips? Would you buy it a 500-calorie mocha latte and a buttered croissant for breakfast? Would you let it party on the weekends and gulp down dozens of beers and other alcoholic beverages?  Then devour a greasy pizza when it got home? […]

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Can You Be One-Dimensionally Excellent?


My high school basketball coach was an excellent coach and I learned a lot from him.  He was always good at explaining how basketball skills translated into life skills and vice versa.  One of the things that he always stressed is that you can’t cut corners in the game of basketball and not cut corners […]

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Why I've Cancelled All My Magazine Subsciptions


I recently cancelled all of my print magazine subscriptions.  Done.  For good.  I'm going digital. I'm going digital not because I want to save the world one tree at a time (although I do my best to limit paper in my life both for simplicity and environmental concerns), but because I've come to the conclusion […]

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